What Is This Place and Why Are We Here?

This is a blog dedicated to reading literature, all kinds of literature great and small. What’s literature? Who the hell knows. Only books deemed literary, written up in the respected literary publications, nominated for prestigious awards? I don’t think so. I believe it has to do with how we read and how we appreciate the  words that have been brought together to tell a certain story.

Will I be talking about my love of Proust (as I attempt to finish reading In Search of Lost Time)? Almost certainly. Will I be reading literary novels nominated for awards and lauded by the ‘literariest’ of the book world? Most likely. Will I also be reading and reviewing high fantasy series like Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time? Heck yes. I may even write about my own area of specialisation – early modern drama and early modern women’s writing. And in true book-blogger-style, I will of course spend some time with the ever-so-popular Young Adult genre.

Whether I’m reading Nabokov  or Lucy Hutchinson or the latest YA darling – I will not just be reading for idle enjoyment (although of course enjoyment is the first and foremost reason all booklovers read). I will be reading with an appreciation of the craft of writing, interacting with the texts in some way. A good story and a good work of literature (be it a YA romance or a ‘classic’) makes the reader think, opens the mind, sparks something deep down inside.

All of this sounds quite rich, maybe even pretentious in some people’s opinion. But that’s ok – I am an aspiring academic, perhaps I’ve already lost touch with the world outside the Ivory Tower. I hope I can be a part of academia and still have a rewarding (and fun) experience in the book blogging community. I’m not above fangirling or gushing about my literary crushes or sharing whatever emotions I’ve experienced while reading. I have decided to devote my life to the study of literature, but long ago I dedicated my heart to reading for the pure joy it gives me. What I’m really hoping for is to share my love of literature and to talk about reading with the people who understand my lifelong passion. And so I’ve turned to the Internet, the blogosphere, where all aspiring writers end up shouting into the cacophony of over-earnest voices.

In practical terms – this blog will consist of book reviews and other posts about books/literature. Will every post be the equivalent of a A* essay for an English degree? Dear God, no. Sometimes I will just be posting observations and thoughts, musing on anything book-related. I am only hoping for this space to become a literature-haven, somewhere for me to come and honour my love of reading.

Oh and who is this person writing about her love of literature? Just me – Rosalee. 24 years old, Maryland native, living in England and working on my PhD (research topic: early modern Catholic women’s writing), aspiring writer, animal-lover, Ravenclaw.


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